House crest for Chaos of Souls

Rhen’val House Crest

The Vaults

The Vaults are the mountain temples of the Areth’kon, the martial school where every Lethen’al must study and learn the arts of war. Set high in the mountains, the Lethen’al enter as children, and spend  years learning the basics of combat and warfare. They perfect how to handle a sword and various other weapons, how to function as a squad and as part of a larger company, and how to control their bodies and minds to negate the effects of pain and discomfort. The final year, after completing the training at the Gates, is spent stationed at the Gates of Golorath, far to the north.

There are several families that live exclusively at the Vaults, and have adopted the Areth’kon as their way of life. There are five such families of note; The Noble House of Rhen’val, and the four Great Houses, Fel’Mekrin, Le’Manon, Mer’Chien, and Kal’Parev. The Noble House of Rhen’val are the descendants of the Areth’kon’s founder, Sui Rhen’val, and as such, they run the Areth’kon. Individual soldiers pledge their allegiance to these four Great Houses, which pay allegiance to House Rhen’val. In its turn, all five of the Houses pay homage to Royal House Tu’renthien.