Discover a new twist on angels and demons in an epic, coming-of-age fantasy, The Chaos of Souls Series.

A new fantasy fiction that reimagines the war in heaven, this series will find its place in your heart. Thought provoking, humorous, and loaded with edge of your seat adventure, The Gates of Golorath does not disappoint.

The fallen angels abandoned humanity to their fate millennia ago, fleeing the hordes of the Apostate. The Gates of Golorath separates their worlds. But their brethren, the demons, wait for their chance to strike. And all that stands between them is a group of military brats.

Angus, originally trained by the Magi, has cast off his family’s dispensation and gone to train with his father’s people. Arielle is born of the ancient marshal line of the Blademasters, and she seeks her own place amongst their expectations. Together with their unruly squads, they must complete their military training and prove that they are good enough to face the Blademaster trials.

Can this unlikely team become the heroes their world needs in time to face the threat of the demons?

Equal parts coming of age story, epic fantasy, and romance, The Gates of Golorath is told with sequences of intense action and philosophical inquiry. The relationship between Angus and Arielle, the pull of one to the other and the interplay of their group drive the book, leading to the epic conclusion.

Find out what happens in, The Gates of Golorath.

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