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Blogger iamlindsayb review of Gates

May 04,2018
I’m just going to dive straight into it. I loved this book! As a fantasy fan, I always have high expectations and a new fantasy book never fails to excite me. And this book did not disappoint. I really hope this review can do it justice.

Blogger C.E. Clayton review of Gates

C.E. Clayton
April 25, 2018
“The Gates of Golorath” is one seriously epic fantasy. Garino has taken a page out of such ambitious story tellers as George R.R. Martin when it comes to crafting vast and complicated house lines and the ties that bind them, as well as the fragile balance that many hold for no other reason other than tradition.

Youtube review by Nicole @whopickedthisbook 

April 26, 2018

The characters are amazing. I loved the two main protagonists. Arielle is exactly the kind of female character I want to read about. She’s strong and resilient and can hold her own against the boys (she even kicks some of their asses). Angus, oh my sweet Angus, is sassy and witty and more times than not the comic relief with his banter and one liners. The tension is so thick, it’s a living entity between the two. From the second their auras pulse and are drawn to each other, you just want them to interact. And get so frustrated when the others try to keep them apart. I am a romantic so I am also drawn to the romance between characters. A lot of times, it’s what keeps the story going for me when I would have already put it down.

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July 7, 2018

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Goodreads reviews

Joe Brown
March 02, 2018
I won a copy of this book in a competition/giveaway last year but have only just got round to reading it. I regret waiting so long, as this is a great read, proven simply from the fact that I was unable to put it down and once finished I had the disappointing feeling that there was as of yet no sequel for me to carry on with.

Kobo reviews

Loved this book! Can’t wait for the next part!
Marissa G.
January 10, 2018
I absolutely loved this book! At first I was hesitant to read it because it’s not the genre I usually read, but I read the summary and figured I would give it a shot because it sounded interesting. I cant even begin to explain how happy that I decided to read it. It filled me with joy at times and brought me laughter at others.

Google Play reviews

Candice Stephen
February 26, 2018
Where do I start!?! This book was fantastic through and through. Every time I had to put it down I couldn’t wait to pick it up again! The last series that held me with the same emotional attachment was the Harry Potter series.