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Once, they walked the Halls of Heaven as angels. But in a moment of pride they defied the edict of the Creator and entered the world. As punishment for their crimes they were rent asunder, their spirits fragmented and rearranged in their physical forms. No longer angels; now, they are the Lethen’al, the Fallen, and they are hunted by the Lo’ademn, the demons who would destroy them and bring their fragmented souls home.

Shut away inside their Golden Vale and separated from the world for millennia, the Lethen’al will not die easy, for they have become masters of magic and war.

Angus and Arielle are two souls who are all but complete, and they are irresistibly drawn together. Angus, originally trained by the Magi, has cast off his family’s dispensation and gone to train with his father’s people. Arielle is born of the ancient marshal line of the Blademasters, and she seeks her own place amongst their expectations.

Stationed at the Gates of Golorath, which separates the world of the Lethen’al from the world of humanity, Angus and Arielle begin their journey which pits them against their Houses, their squads, the Blademasters, and the age old foe of their people, the shrulks.

And as they stand against the forces gathered to oppose them, the Lo’ademn are stirring…

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  1. I absolutely loved this book! At first I was hesitant to read it because it’s not the genre I usually read, but I read the summary and figured I would give it a shot because it sounded interesting. I cant even begin to explain how happy that I decided to read it. It filled me with joy at times and brought me laughter at others. The first couple of chapters felt a little slow, but they were just laying the ground work for the rest of the story.

    Arielle is a perfect main character for me, as a woman. She’s at a point in her life where she’s taking control of it for herself. She’s not just letting people tell her what she should be doing anymore and she’s become a stronger fighter and person. I love that the author made me wait for her to finally meet face to face with Angus; the man she makes an intense eye contact with toward the beginning of the story. The author made me wait until about the middle of the book before they finally meet and start talking and remembering their past together. The anticipation made me want to just keep reading and reading. I don’t think I went through a book this long as fast as I did. The writing was so well done that I couldn’t bring myself to stop reading it, I felt like I had a movie playing in my head the whole time.

    I loved the unique idea of having their auras (sin’del) shown for the other characters to see how they react to certain things. And that they can be used for fighting and healing and communication.

    I did feel that some fighting parts could’ve been elaborated more. They felt kind of short and I was left wanting to know a little more. But even so, I was so involved in this book that it was all I thought about and will be thinking about for a long time. I can’t wait until the next part comes out!

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