The Protectorate of the New Apocalypse

(Expected Release, Winter 2018)

Never get sick, never grow old, never die.

That was the promise nanotechnology made to the world. Some opposed its implementation. Those who had the money flocked to embrace it.

Someone, of course, hacked it.

The minds of the human hosts were fried by the first pulse, wiping away all higher brain functions and devolving them into beasts. The second pulse reprogrammed the nanobots with two new commands: spread to more human hosts, and reproduce.

As society collapses beneath the weight of the virulent “z-bot” plague, a small band of survivors begin to assemble in a small mountain valley. Here, Eric Driesen has created a manor house, where he hopes to weather the storm. Here, the modern world ends as the “z-bots” gather, and the seeds of the next world are fashioned in its ashes.