House crests for Chaos of Souls

The Royal House of the Lethen’al from before the Apostate War; all Houses swear allegiance to House Tu’renthien. The crest of House Tu’renthien depicts the great tree of Reven Marthal with the roots and leaves showing: this represents the prison of the demon Thelas the House is determined to guard. The tree is covered by a crown with five pinnacles, which represents the strength coming from the five lesser Houses. Behind these is a sword, which represents the protection of the Lethen’al. Tu’renthien, El’Cain: Eldest son of Kilbaine and uncrowned King of Sa’Doran. Held the mouth of Golan’s Pass for two days with his guards. They were all killed, but bought enough time for the Lethen’al to flee into the Patresilen and seal the Gates of Golorath behind them. The Elc’atar Guard take their name from him.