Chaos of Souls is an epic fantasy series by R.M. Garino. It is equal parts coming of age story, romance, and angelic revelation told with sequences of intense action and philosophical inquiry. The Gates of Golorath (2017) is the first installment in the series and R.M. Garino’s first published novel.

The Gates of Golorath Synopsis

The Gates of Golorath is the first novel in the Chaos of Souls series. It begins with Arielle’s arrival at the Gates, which separate the realm of the Lethen’al from the earth. The Lethen’al fled thousands of years ago, leaving humanity to fend for itself against the demon hordes of the Lo’ademn. No one is allowed to go back. Actually, Gates begins with an enigmatic storyteller in the present day, telling about Arielle’s arrival. Don’t worry, the present time and the story the Elder is telling will eventually catch up to one another.

I have always been fascinated with the concept of a war in Heaven. Did Milton get it right in Paradise Lost? Was pride the deciding factor that drove the fall of the angels? Why does the archeological record not match the account of the time after Eden? What about the time before? Is humanity older than we currently conceive it to be? Is there something we missed?

In The Gates of Golorath, the Lethen’al have fallen from Heaven’s grace. As punishment for their sins, their souls were fragmented and recast into new, physical bodies. They retain elusive glimpses of who they once were, but the knowledge is jumbled and incomplete.  At its heart, the book is really about the interaction of the two True Souls who are all but complete. Arielle is a member of the Noble House of Rhen’val, the lords of the Areth’kon, the sword masters. Angus belongs to the Royal Family, and has been raised with the arcane magics and angelic knowledge they possess. It’s the relationship between Angus and Arielle, the pull of one to the other and what that does to those around them, that drives the book.

I also wanted to introduce a band of heroes, before they were especially noteworthy, and follow their rise to prominence.

Put it all together, and you get vivid action sequences, esoteric magical and martial systems, and the foundational philosophies that underlie it all. Gates sets the stage for everything that comes after.