The Gates of Golorath

The Gates of Golorath | The Gates Complex

The Gates of Golorath is a portal that can pierce the Chora (the space between the spaces), which separates the Patresilen from the Quain (earth). It is heavily guarded and surrounded by the Gates Complex, because when the Lethen’al abandoned the Quain, it was being overrun by the Apostate and his demon spawn. The Gates have not been activated in 7,000 years, since the end of the Apostate’s War.

The Gates of Golorath are set tall and imposing in the ragged outcrops of granite. The red stone is layered with tan striations, creating a shadowed effect that softens the contrast between the natural surface and carved façade. The Gates were not a natural formation, but neither are they hewn. This is the portal into the land of the Lethen’al, and as such, it is an archway grown from the mountain without seam or division. High above the cloud layer the complex sits silent, proud, and brooding throughout the eons. The freestanding empty arch does not quite meet in the middle, but rather rises at an oblique angle like a pair of sharp-edged teeth. It nevertheless exudes a sense of finality that is hard to ignore, for this is the edge of the world.

Outside the fortification, the walls are carved in an intricate design of leaves and vines, interwoven and interconnected. Within the folds of the vines is told the story of the Lethen’al, the scenes standing out in sharp bas-relief. From a distance, standing outside the entrance, one can see the rise of the Apostate, the Lo’ademn-Lord Tarek, and the devastation he wrought.

The Gates stand proud on the citadel’s parade field. The mountain continues upward behind it, unabated on either side, cresting in summits that glow golden in the setting sun.

Elsewhere the forests are encouraged to grow deep and dark, but here they have been cleared away in order to keep the stronghold’s sight lines clear. Between the forest and the fortress walls sits covered gardens and small orchards in ordered rows. Pens for sheep, pigs, goats, and cows were interspersed throughout. Cultivated vines climb terraced tiers. Squat, low-lying glass buildings, barely a yard above the ground, encase other crops, and massive barns are built against the mountain wall.

A single, slanted-roof building, the edges of the eves curling back upward, stands by itself in the middle of the grounds. At the center of the complex is a large parade field, as well as obstacle courses and fighting pits.

Towering structures are cut into the mountainside on either side of the Gates. Soaring doorways, with intricately carved lintels, and deep set windows were visible even from a distance. Pillars framed the doors, creating wide covered cloisters that undercut the rock face by several yards.