So my wife and I are originally from Queens, New York and this piece was inspired from some of the places we liked to hang out when we were younger. From the ceilings of the garages by Van Buren (had to stay out of the rain when cutting class), the tunnel created by the Grand Central Parkway passing over the Alley Pond Park walking trails (another favorite spot for inclement weather), the Braddock Park handball courts, to the Kiddie Park by St. Gregory’s Church in Bellerose (a favorite weekend haunt), it seemed like everyone liked to leave a memento of their presence by painting, scratching, burning, or carving their names. Trying to capture some of that same disgruntled, rebellious spirit for the Lethen’al, we had the members of the Immortals tag their names in a similar manner. I can imagine them skipping lessons and running off into to some secluded spot to share a six pack and nonsense.