The City of Raqui

The city of Raqui is the first settlement of the E’ine in their exile from Heaven. The madness, which defined the beginning of the E’ine, is reflected in the architecture of Raqui and the surrounding area.

The city is spread out in parts, as if the structures are afraid to come near one another. In other areas, most notably in the north, the buildings are too close, resting at odd and impossible angles, creating a stifling effect and reflecting the lunacy that wrought them. The northern warrens are older, a product of the more chaotic first years, whereas the southern districts were created as the E’ine settled into their new assemblages, and hold a certain high aesthetic about them with their domes and towers. Whatever their age, the city has weathered the millennia of neglect with little ill effect. Perhaps because it was grown from the living earth, rather than cutting the stone away. There is no separation between the sections, and so there is little space for water or vegetation to enter.

In time, as the E’ine settled into their new selves. They remembered why they had defied the Will of Heaven, and they left the Patresilen and entered the Quain.