The Angels of Heaven have fallen and been reborn as the Lethen’al. They are hiding in the Patresilen, the Golden Vale, separate and apart from creation. Hunted by the Lo’ademn, the demons who seek to destroy them and bring their fragmented souls home, they prepare for the war everyone knows is coming.

The union of two True Souls existed only in the realm of legend and prophecy. No one believed such a thing could happen, nor could they predict what it would unleash. Angus and Arielle have found each other, the unity has formed between them, and the Lethen’al fear what it bodes for the future.

Logan has walked the Sur, the realm of the Apostate, fleeing Arielle’s decision. The Lo’ademn seek to escape from their prisons to reignite the age-old war, and they find willing allies in the minds of those who oppose the union.

And in the aftermath of his daughter’s disappearance far to the north, a father struggles with his vow of non-violence. He is intent on finding his child and the others who have gone missing, and seeks the aid of the Immortals. Together, they must stand against the mysterious E’ine, the parents of the Lethen’al without losing who they are. But the E’ine have plans of their own, and the secrets they unveil may shatter the Pride, and even end creation itself.

Preorder December 2018