The title of my flagship series, Chaos of Souls, refers to the fractured state of the Lethen’al, the fallen angels of Heaven. As punishment for their sins, their original souls have been shattered, mixed up, and reassembled with other souls, forming new beings from the old. This is their punishment. Never to be complete, never to be whole, but to always have an elusive glimpse of what they once were. Book one, The Gates of Golorath, is out now, read excerpt To Tea. Book two, Angels of Perdition, is due out in late summer 2018.

The Post-Apocalyptic fiction, The Protectorate Series deals with the end of the world as triggered by nanotechnology. The survivors of society’s collapse defy the fall and the dark ages that follow, holding to the knowledge they have preserved. Although it is a separate series, it still connects to Chaos of Souls in subtle, but noticeable ways.

If you are new to these worlds, welcome. I hope you will find a place amongst our numbers. If you have already stepped through the Gates, then welcome back. I hope you will find those things to enrich the experience. Either way, check the site for reviews, announcements, giveaways, updates, events, and other news.

There are loads of hide n’ seek items, so click away and have fun poking around! Meet the characters, check out the interactive maps, just wipe your bloody feet.

Enjoy your stay.

Once more, boots in the blood!